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Texto Kathy Kansier Festival de Patchwork Gramado 2007

Abaixo estou reproduzindo o texto que Kathy Kansier escreveu sobre sua viagem e participação no 10° Festival de Patchwork e Quilt de Gramado

"Teaching in Houston, Texas & Gramado, Brazil

In November 2007, I taught eight classes at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. I stood all week teaching and my students made great class projects. As always, the venders had wonderful things to sell. My favorite venders are those with beads.

I then met my husband David at the airport and we flew to Brazil for another quilt festival. The flight was long and I thought my legs were going to never be the same from the cramped space between the rows of the airplane. I was glad to have David along to help me navigate in the airports. The main language in Brazil is Portuguese.

We traveled to a city in southeast Brazil called Gramado where I was judging and teaching at the 10th Annual Brazilian Patchwork and Quilt Festival. We stayed at a resort that overlooked the city. Quilt makers from all over South America attended the festival. I met quilters from many cities in Brazil as well as from Chile, Uruguay and Ecuador. My interpreter was from Sao Paulo. She and her sister are quilt teachers so they were able to help in my classrooms.

Gramado is quaint with many German, Swiss and Italian immigrants. The buildings and lifestyle made us think we were in Germany. The surrounding mountains were spectacular and large hydrangea bushes grow wild all over the hillsides. We visited a chocolate factory and glass factory. The food and waiters in the restaurants were also great. I drank Brazilian coffee which is extremely strong and sweet and even danced with gauchos at the festival banquet on the last night. It's a trip we will never forget.

The quilts at the Brazilian Quilt Festival were very good with many art quilts with threadwork details. Next month I plan to post some photos of our trip and some of the quilts from the show. Please check back. "

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